Who We Are

Mayi Nakawesa received a microloan from a Ugandan partner of ACCION International, an organization supported by the Sachs Foundation. Photo: Rohanna Mertens.

The Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation (“Foundation”) was established in 1997 by Reynold M. Sachs to honor his parents, World War II immigrants from Germany. Having themselves faced intolerance and economic hardship, Erich and Hannah Sachs developed deep commitments to tolerance and improving the quality of people’s lives, by creating greater economic and educational opportunities for those less fortunate or less able.

The Foundation is managed by a small group of professionals, enabling a maximum of its annual funding to go to exemplary charitable programs. The Foundation strives to minimize salaries, overhead and administrative costs, both its own and those of the charitable organizations and institutions it funds.

Officers • Directors • Advisors

Reynold M. Sachs

Caryn P. Sachs, Esq.
President, Treasurer & Director

David B. Whitehead, Esq.
Secretary & Director

Clayton Sachs
Board Member

Savannah Sachs
Board Member

Steven P. Miller
Certified Public Accountant

Brody • Weiser • Burns
Nonprofit Consultants

Kesler Communications
Design Consultants